bySaabye – Copyrights and Master Ownerships.


When Saabye a little while ago sat down and mapped out his future Music Brand, to be a 100% independent setup, the compositions and recordings was obviously the very first thing to look at as it was the very foundation of the brand.

You could call him a late starter with what he should eventually could have done a long time ago, however recent advances in tech, not AI, and his now entirely own 360 degrees skills set has in ways abolished the bigger risks that could make this hugely ambitious launch fall flat on the ground. The timing seems right, the traditional music biz seems ready, and still it seems like no-one really are doing the same sorts, not that many know of anyway.

Saabye composes, produce and record modern day 2024 styled classic radio/playlist friendly Pop songs at an ultra fast pace, that without anyone else involved than himself, so in principle no co-writers, engineers, lyricists, artworks, pr/marketing people…

After spending most of his adult life, as he puts it… in reality doing the musical homework of everyone else while so very much forgetting to do his own… the serious musical entrepreneur in him, that he always has been, started mapping out a Brand structure around a pretty large song catalogue and master recordings ownership, that he resisted signed away to stay free, adding substantial eventual future value in.

It is no secret that the most covered in the business of music today is copyrights and ownerships, naturally when catalogues has proven themselves to be able to generate larger scale profits, meaning that no song vault, no matter the size, is worth much if they are still lying on a harddisk. So, 2023 was wisely spend on testing out all areas of a future bySaabye brand, an large inspired collection of newly written songs, a string of LIVE shows, a map Social Media platforms, Visuals, Videos… all without going in too much in, yet! That way he could adapt, adjust and be playful with it all, making wins, but also going wrong without too much fuzz. In the end, 2023 became a big win thanks to without no doubt the growth of the copyrights catalogue and the ownership of master recordings. The numbers stand at day of launch, the 9th of April 2024 north of…

Copyrights… 100+
Master Recordings… 75+

It was essential for me that I, at least to begin with, I had full control over my work, says Saabye, that I felt I was building an own legacy of sorts, a commodity, something that eventually I will get music biz partners in on, but only this way I could develop and go about things at my own pace and get a feel for how things could turn out. It would then be up to scaling it all later.

That time is now, Now the world is next to know, the 9th of April that is, follow the action, become followers, subscribers, critics, fans… a place to start could be bysaabye,world. Follow the blog on or soon on

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