Saabye, founder of 2024 styled Music and all Arts related Brand bySaabye on creating a world of his own making. 


Saabye has some touch about him – like… I’m all in enjoying my time on this planet, so be kind, be respectful to me and I’m all yours.

He is about to launch his lifelong dream, his very own, 100% fiercely independent Music and all Arts related Brand to the world after years, yes really! The startup phase with spades of sceptics, few supporters, ignorance, basically lots of people seeing a sad person with impossible dreams, on the way to a head on car crash. Not that he listens, not the slightest… this is my life, go concentrate on living yours.

Maybe listen to I’m All Over You taken form #DESKO Volume 4 – Mediterranean Vibes while reading

“I sort of came to my senses, actually just before the string of lockdowns, that I somehow had to create my own legacy, not for anyone else, more for myself, so that no matter what, that when I leave this world, I can say… Well, I… I did this!

I had to create a narrative that this is what I’ve been devoting my life to, I’m doing music, that kind of thing. 

I did go about creating my world, this is my art, this is my life, visions with the sacrifices I have had to make, despite enduring things that I would never have expected a happy childhood, being treated poorly that were indeed close ones, just because I followed my heart in art. 

And I was going… wait a minute, I don’t care what you or anybody else thinks, I’d never bother you about your choices, so please, don’t lecture me, I’m all in enjoying my time on this planet, so be kind, be respectful.

I don’t have dark places, I fell blessed, thankful, I’m well aware I’m lucky in that respect, but I do expect people to treat me well, even in their own dark and darkest moments, if not, then my emotional door is locked, I’m simply not available both on physical and psychological levels if I’m treated badly. I guess that’s how I navigate a world with endless struggles and to be allowed to live for art in our society in general. 

I’m by no means worried about death, sure, I can feel with age, that I’m getting closer to be ‘knocking on that heaven’s door,’ but will it stop me from doing what’s right for me and what I think is right for my beloved ones? No never, absolutely, I will hang on and stay on course until the very end.

The day I breathe my last breath, I should not regret, what could have been, I shall close my eyes thinking that whatever happened I did my very best to be true to myself and not stray off course, for good and for bad, of the many dreams I had. 

I do not hate the few, and it is very very few, that has profoundly disappointed me, they know who they are. They were supposed to be among the very closest. People haunted by their own struggles and with life, that somehow let them put all their inner anger my way, and I tell you, with time, you can only do one thing, tell them to have a good life, wish them the very best, but that it will be without you. Like a violent relationship, be it emotionally or physically, personally I’ve experienced the first in family relations, there were to be only one way, unfortunately, letting them go, and promise myself never to go back.”

Does he really believe that he will go on to succeed?

“I’ve never had any doubts really, I know very much my limits, and in that respect, I have an incredible self-belief. I feel blessed by life, take the tough times, the good times and never let them take away the best of me. And… I do… believe in the capacity to create beautiful things. I’m buzzing in every single bone of my ageing body, haha.”

bySaabye World is launching to the world on the 9th of April 2024.

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