The bySaabye Factory is a virtual universe that operates within bang up-to-date international top-50 style Pop Music and connected arts of all sorts.


A mecca of party, colour and music, seeking answers in a world that is 2023, in times of trouble it is a carousel of sweets… bons-bons, Pop, art, eBooks on professional SongWriting, live shows and so much more. An exciting take on how the music- and art world has changed and evolved, and on the great Rock’n Roll swindle in the days of yes…, no, post global lockdowns! bySaabye was founded pre covid-19, in the year of 2019, by Saabye himself. 

Saabye is a professional composer, singer, songwriter and producer since always, he primarily writes in the field of UK/US Pop in a now 70’s and 80’s inspired style. He writes to no end songs both to his alter-ego Stian, and to well-known established global artists and anything in between – produced for 2023 fans of all ages. The alter-ego Stian is his playground, the utter childish wannabe Popstar, un-gifted, immature, yet at the same time a perfect match for Saabye’s Art-Pop, even if he nearly can’t speak in understandable manners for adults or hold any kind of a normal conversation… yet, his fanbase is out there and is very much on the up…Saabye, self-made and autodidact to the bone, grew up peacefully in the greenest of suburbs before venturing out to develop the sweetest of Pop dreams in the biggest cities of the world. A true creative, arty soul, well enthusiastic, vigorous, brilliantly brave, un-complicated to the core, extrovert to the extreme, and driven ambitious, always! 

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