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Here is how We do things here…

Why not listening to Im All Over You taken from #DESKO Volume 4 while reading on…

Welcome to the World of bySaabye, a 2024 styled Music Brand that creates and releases Modern day Pop music at fast pace.

Founded in 2023 by Saabye, a long time professional songwriter, producer and artist and serial entrepreneur and now with an official launch 9th of April 2024.

bySaabye is a true 360 degrees highly professional Brand that operates in the field of Modern Pop in a 100% independent manner. We cover all areas of a record release from songwriting over producing to release, PR and Marketing.

Here is what we do…

We are a MUSIC LABEL at heart…

A 100% independent Record Label that releases new original 2024 styled Pop songs at a fast pace, home of both #DESKO, a Modern day take on the classic Disco and Stian bySaabye that operates in the field of ArtPop.


At the very heart of the Brand is the large vault of Copyrighted songs written over a longer period, songs that all are composed as stand-alone playlist and radio friendly commercial Pop songs. The songs vault at launch time stand above 100 original tracks.

We also own our MASTER RECORDINGS too…

Along with the copyrighted catalogue of songs sits the ownership of all master recordings. All recordings are created in-house with no external, outside the Brand involved.

We have an in-house globally minded ART POP ARTIST

Stian, that is the face of the majority of recordings that is produced in-house.

With #DESKO, We have created our very own unique take on the original Disco music for 2024. Currently available is Volume 1, 2, 3 and 4. Soon is time to Volume 5 – Dance & Electro Pop Ibiza Styled.

We are doing LIVE SHOWS

One, a Disco themed liveshow/DJ night with live on stage performance with songs taken from the first 4 #DESKO albums, Volume 1, 2, 3 and 4, and a second, Goodbye to all that I know, a mixed live music and talk show, tracing founder Saabyes musical travels from the age of 20 until today, a mix of anecdotes and real life stories and on stage live performances of many songs from the catalogue.

We are composing for GLOBAL TALENT

on request for global talent with an ultra fast turnaround, usually a few days, in the style of modern Pop of all sorts.

We have published a SONGWRITING TECHNIQUES eBook…

a full Songwriting Technique Book in eBook form available in many online eBook stores, in April in 2 revision. 282 pages, over 38 chapters, many illustrations and more than 50 examples fromm the bySaabye songbook. Retails at 14.99 USD.

We sell our POSTER ART

at our online where fans can purchase artwork at very cheep prices, posters and other visual content, either in standard prints or unique prints.

We plan to sell MERCHANDISE

and is in the planning phases and expects to be rolled out hopefully pretty soon. The merc will include clothing and accessories.

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