bySaabye is a 100% fiercely independent 2024 styled Music and all-Arts-related Brand founded and defined by Saabye.


bySaabye as a Brand Compose, Produce and Release modern Pop Music at a fast pace. The following Manifest is in place to ensure a simple, yet firm set of rules. It addresses the creation of the core activity: new original modern Pop.


The full Song-Production Cycle is strictly ‘no Budget’: ‘no Studio costs’,
no hiring of ‘Music Professionals’ such as ‘Arrangers’, ‘Producers’, ‘Performers’, ‘Sound Engineers’ etc.


Songs should always be written in sets of 2. within no more than 1. single hour, 60 minutes, to Compose all the ideas for Verses, Choruses, and the various other parts, such as intros, middle eights, instrumental parts.


No more than 4. hours to Arrange, write Lyrics, Record (incl. Vocals) and Mix a Song up to a releasable Master. The 4. hours can, and ideally should be spread over a few days, but doesn’t have to.


Starting in 2024 the use an Online final Mastering Service is allowed for finishing touches to ensure that the final Master Recording is compatible with the various demands from the large string of streaming platforms, radios, social medias etc. A Professional Mastering also lines up the releases to an Industry Standard.


No one except Saabye must be involved in the Songwriting (Music and Lyrics), the Production and Recording all the way from initial Idea to finished Master. Sometimes it can be allowed to ‘call a friend’ if appropriate for a second opinion. 


Videos, if any, must take no more than 8. hours from initial Idea to the ‘ready to go public.’ Noone except Saabye is allowed in on the making, except in cases of Storyline-, Conceptual Idea- and Script Participation, Camerawork and Directing. Video Editing and Grading must be by Saabye. There can be no Extras. All Videos must be strictly ‘no budget’ except for eventual low-cost prop.


All Artwork must be by Saabye, no Visual Artists or external Freelancers are allowed.


All Promotional material, Prints, Electronic Press Kits, Press releases etc. must be created by Saabye.


There shall be a 100% Song Copyright and Ownership of the Master Recordings.

Additional Manifest Rules for the songs of the #DESKO sub-brand: 


There must be no listening to any of the original Disco era favourites and classics during the Songwriting, Production or Recording cycle.


Efforts must be put into having at minimum of 1. Lyric Line which incl. the words: LOVE and/or BABY – something that elsewhere should be largely avoided in the bySaabye eco-system.

April 2024.

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