Re-booting Classic Disco 2024 was such precious a thing to do, so obviously it had to be nothing but absolutely right all around. It had to come with Songs that could secure a minimum of success at least, but ideally as much as possible, a string of wanna-be hits, and a foundation to a soundtrack of one arm of a future Disco.

I have always denied that I have any kind of acedemic or trained ear and mindset when writing PopSongs, a thing that I very much do now and have done always since my late teens. However, when it comes to the Music I simply loved, more adored really, as a very young teen… Boney M over ABBA and Bee Gees to Donna Summer have for some reason escaped my attention in my life work as a Songwriter.

I am, I’m happy to admit, a massive fan of 80’s Songwriting and to some extent the production as well as the 90’s, having lived the BritPop folly during the mid-90’s bang in the middle of both the Music industry and all the bands in London. It was a time where a larger than life indie style ‘en fais comme on veux, and where among the great British bands at time i aimply found myself totally musically grounded and couldn’t have felt me more welcomed. Yet as time now has passed by there was still no return in terms of my songwriting to the musci of my youth, the Disco.

It wasn’t until the lockdowns that I took time out to reflect and re-discover my musical youth, reflecting on what made me such a passionate of pop music and without realising it, then Disco re-entered my musical universe once again.

Always being the worst of the worsts dancers I always gone for the DJ spot at home parties, and my first ( and often last call for the night ) has always been the classic Disco songs, Daddy Cool, YMCA, Born To Be Alive, Funky Town, le Freak, you name it… all songs that would keep everybody entertained for he rest of the night, that, usually until somebody tipsy comes over and puts on Green Day, Nirvana or something similar on, great tracks but often Dance floor killers.

Working, I have a longstanding habbit of composing two new Songs every single week, time permitting, in average and produce them to a relative finished level, master recordings that I can either choose to ‘soft’ release via DSP’s such as Spotify, or on Socials, Youtube but first and formeost have them entering ( and growing ) my song catalouge… my legacy as I find it fun to call it.

However, I sat there pretty isolated and thought… what if now, I started writing Disco type songs as I would have written them as teenager, if… I had been able to, obviously I was not, and release them as fast paced single under my own #DESKO umbrella, my own and very personal take 2024 styled Disco=? They would all be newly written Songs, all me, only me, being the only contributor from start to end. I would also add fun to all, I believed that after the last years of isolations all were in serious needs of having a ‘right old laugh’ and to be well entertained.

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