Ever since I was new in the business of music I’ve dreamt of this!


“Ever since I was new in the business in music I’ve dreamt of this,” says Saabye, “creating my very own independent label venture as a Brand, having an alter-ego figure to front it with the real me the actual recording artist, songwriter, producer, graphic designer. I would also own my catalog of songs as well as the master rights to my recordings.”

Although music production has come a long way since his early years in the fabulous 80’s then the actual songwriting af that decade is arguably the very best there has ever been, thus in the very manifest of bySaabye is written in stone… 80’s classic songwriting produced for the 2023’s.

“At this stage in musical journey I’m really up for taking my creative output and my own visions to the next level with a complete renewed energy at this stage in my career. I would aim to give my shot at songs of tomorrow, stay humble yet visionary, try to be a great artist and a hopefully sometimes hitmaker in the process.”

For all this and more, Saabye hold artistry, creativity and positive energy high tother with a hard work ethic resulting in a real flow of new releases. At some point in the near future he know very well that he will form joint ventures and cut songs with great talent and true visionaries, but for now as we approach the official launch date, 9th of April 2024, his having his eyeballs firmly on getting this his very own 2024 styled Music and Art Brand bySaabye off the ground in the most spectacular fashion possible.

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