Disco Mania… it is soon more than 5 decades ago, seriously… since the first Disco music surfaced back in the 70’s, that particular music is still many a fans absolute favourite around the globe.

#DESKO is my take on the music from my early teenage years, is my earliest musical memories and the soundtrack to my young youth and probably the very reason i devoted my life to music, performing, producing and in particular song-writing.

#DESKO is my songs, with a 2023 sound, all new songs written as if I had written Disco type songs back then, which I obviously could not do. During the composing and recording cycle I do not allow myself to listen to the classics, I am only allowed one simply thing, that is to Google the tempo’s of my favourite songs. I don’t cease to be surprised of the original BPM’s of Disco.

The manifest is the very same as I always work with, 1 hour only to compose the ideas for one song (that always becomes two) and then four hours to complete lyrics, arrangements, recording vocals and mix/master. Another 8 hour is eventually allowed for a no budget Video.

That’s it… hope you’ll enjoy the journey. #DESKO Volume 1 is 1 song short of completion, Tuned Into Love is release 1st of September. * This facebook page is for all original Disco related from back to the glorious 70’s, the videos, TV shows, music, fashion, artwork, gossip… Add to that my releases, every second Friday.

Have fun and get in touch for more… * more on #DESKO here: www.bysaabye.dk/desko

Catch you on the flip side… bySaabye, #DESKO.

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