The #DESKO single series of releases is a trippin’ glorious 2024 styled homage to 70s and early 80’s Disco and labels like Hansa and Casablanca
It is a new modern era take on new original Dance floor type Songs in a time where we finally has left years of lockdowns behind us and all have such a great desire to again party and have fun.

What is #DESKO

#DESKO is a beginners guide to the fabulous Disco music that Saabye grew up with in his early teens. Within minutes of hearing the likes of Boney M, Village People, Bee Gees, ABBA to Gloria Gaynor and Donna Summer he knew that this was to become the soundtrack for his youth and he signed up for DiscoMania big time.

Only later he developed into to a full time professional songwriter, performer and producer and it took onto early 2023 before he decided to share his very personal take on the music he loved dearly under the moniker #DESKO with a string of single releases.

A manifest was put in place… 1 hour to write the ideas for every song, 4 hours to record and complete the song for release and an additional 8 hours for artwork, promotional photos and a full length fun DOGME styled no-budget video made at NO COST. It could sound absurd, but this is the way he works with his Music and all Arts related Brand bySaabye always, his highly personal artist brand.

DESKO singles are released at fast pace and always on Fridays, how could it be any different?

DESKO Live Shows Website


a Fun and Fabulous Disco themed Evening with LIVE shows and all night DJ dance floor.

Disco themed evening with dance floor at both private and public venues. 2 Live sets at approx. 2x45 minutes + Disco styled DJ between sets playing classic Disco ranging from Boney M, Village People over ABBA, Bee Gees to Donna Summer, Gloria Gaynor... All the classics.
A Glorious all-nighter of fun, funky, groovy 2023 styled DISCO and DiscoMania! A Daddy’s Dance Hall night of true FUN with Disco LIVE performances by Saabye and his 'to the max' #DESKO SHOW (think Bowie doing DISCO in 2023), Fabulous set from Bjorn a night that will bring woofin' good vibes to the Summer.
Add a NON-STOP slammin’ all night DJ set to boogie down to on the Dance Floor too for Fab Foxy Mamas and Casanovas. 2 LIVE sets, LIVE Disco DJ and Massive FUN!

#DESKO Volume 1.

Includes Casualty of Love, Candy and Tuned Into Love


#DESKO Volume 1 is where it all began early 2023. Saabye couldn’t believe his luck that the very first #DESKO unConditional Love blasted out from the studio from a session that fast paced and a massive fun. It had followed the official bySaabye Manifest, 1 hour songwriting, 4 hours production and the rest, and it came out just as it should. The following 9 tracks were written over the following month and soft-released as trials at a rate of one single every second Friday.

‘It is fun to look back and see how already at Volume 1 the songs developed fast in both style and attitude’ - Saabye

#DESKO Volume 2.

Includes Eye2Eye, Mayday and In You I Found Love


#DESKO Volume 2 is from late 2023 early 2024 and see a shift toward more styles, both more dark, more 60’s and 80’s electronic beats. It also contains Cheek to Cheek the #DESKO Christmas way, a real yuletide Disco song.

‘Can’t wait really to release that one next Christmas’ - Saabye

#DESKO Volume 3.

Includes Taboo, CrazyLoveSugerBaby and the Party is Over


#DESKO Volume 3 starts off very British 80’s electronic Disco and pretty much stays in a British universe all the way. There are a few 80's SAW type songs in there as well, as well as two distinct versions of Happy New Year.

‘Taboo’ and ‘CrazyLoveSugarBaby’ is my favourites here, they somehow single handedly defined the Dark Disco compilation. - Saabye

#DESKO Volume 4.

Includes I Chase the Rainbow, I'm All Over You, She Likes Gucci Too

#DESKO Volume 4. Mediterranean Vibes AUDIO ONLY

#DESKO Volume 4 Mediterranean Vibes is all summer and warmth and the many countries thats surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. More vibey, more atmospheric that the previous three Volumes.

‘This is definitely one for the summer, can’t wait’ - Saabye

the #DESKO Family

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Welcome to the World of bySaabye, a 2024 styled Music Brand that creates and releases Modern day Pop music at fast pace. Founded in 2023 by Saabye, a long time professional songwriter, producer and artist and serial entrepreneur and now with an official launch 9th of April 2024. bySaabye is a true 360 degrees highly professional Brand that operates in the field of Modern Pop in a 100% independent manner. We cover all areas of a record release from songwriting over producing to release, PR and Marketing. Read


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